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How to choose a cost-effective and high-quality safety light curtain?

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As we all know, as a professional protective device in industrial production industry, safety light curtain is widely used in stamping equipment, automatic machinery, automatic welding line, shearing equipment, robot, air tightness equipment and other industries. Its main function is to effectively prevent safety accidents and protect the production of enterprises and the personal safety of employees. Therefore, when selecting safety light curtain products, we must first consider the performance and quality of safety light curtain.

At present, all brands are springing up, but there are all kinds of manufacturers with uneven, mixed and poor quality. So how to choose a cost-effective light curtain on the basis of reliable quality and excellent performance.

To purchase cost-effective and high-quality safety light curtain products, the following matters should not be ignored:

1. Judgment of the use environment of the safety light curtain. Select the security level of the security light curtain according to the equipment to be protected. If there are harsh environments such as light source interference and vibration interference, it is necessary to select light curtain products with corresponding anti-interference measures, which requires higher quality of safety light curtain products.

2. Pay attention to the selection of appropriate safety light curtain. The protection requirements of each equipment are different. For example, whether you need to protect fingers, palms or arms, please select the corresponding safety light curtain with different optical axis spacing, and protect the safety light curtain with the same distance. The smaller the optical axis spacing, the higher the accuracy.

The price cannot determine the security of the security light curtain. The reasonable price of a good safety light curtain depends on the production process, parts, high-quality accessories and specific models. The factory can choose the high-quality safety light curtain that meets the requirements according to its own budget.

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