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What should be paid attention to when installing safety light curtain for high-risk equipment?

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It is believed that in case of safety accidents, individuals and enterprises will pay the price of blood and tears for machines with high potential dangers, such as punch presses, presses, shears, automatic assembly lines and forging equipment. Then, the installation of safety light curtain can effectively avoid and prevent the occurrence of dangerous accidents.

Many times, in order to save costs, enterprises install cheap safety light curtain, which is also easy to cause serious safety accidents. Each equipment has a corresponding safety light curtain, so it needs to be selected according to the risk degree of the equipment. At the same time, when using the safety light curtain, it needs to be installed and used according to the corresponding steps to ensure the normal use and service life of the safety light curtain and effectively improve the work efficiency.

When installing the safety light curtain, you must pay attention to these 6 points:

1. Determine the appropriate safety grating type according to the equipment type, hazard degree and protection requirements, so as to effectively protect personnel safety.

2. Select the appropriate light curtain model according to the requirements of the equipment, the actual operation method of the personnel and so as to avoid affecting the production efficiency due to the improper installation position.

3. Install in strict accordance with the product instruction manual. Personnel with electrician knowledge are required to install, so as to avoid non operation and damage to equipment and light curtain due to wrong wiring.

4. The installation position shall comply with the operation of personnel to avoid personnel's work or scratching the safety light curtain.

5. install the safety screen before installation, block each beam with foreign objects and check whether each beam is effective.

6. The installation of the safety light curtain needs to ensure that the transmitter and receiver are at the same level. After the installation is completed, the power supply of the equipment can be turned on and tested to further verify the protection effect of the light curtain.

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