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RS485 Measuring Light Curtains Sensor

RS485 Measuring Light Curtains Sensor



Product Detail

Ultra long detection distance and easy alignment

It is used for high-precision detection and measurement

It has RS485 or RS232 communication function and adopts standard Modbus protocol

Analog output 0-5V / 0-10V / 4-20mA

Product Parameters

Synchronous TypeThread Synchronization
Operating Voltage0-5V,0-10V
Current Consumption<5W
Output TypeU/I,RS485/RS232
Emitting Light Source940nm
Beam Pitch
No.of Beams2.5mm:32-480pcs;5mm:16-248pcs;10mm:16-128pcs
Detecting Height2.5mm:77.5mm-1197.5mm;5mm:75mm-1235mm;10mm:150-1270mm
Effective Protection From2.5mm:0.1-1m;5mm/10mm:0.1-10m
Detection Object Size>2.5mm;>5mm;>10mm
Light Interference10000LUX
Operating Temperature- 30 ºC ~ + 50ºC
Storage Temperature<85%
Dielectric StrengthACI500V.60S.
Insulation Resistance>100MΩ
Shell MaterialAluminum Alloy

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