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Lone Time Over 3years Safety Light Curtain Sensor Alh10-B

Lone Time Over 3years Safety Light Curtain Sensor Alh10-B



Product Detail

Alh10-B series safety light curtain sensor product information
Safety Beam Sensor, Infrared Light Curtain, Security Device Sensor,Infrared Safety Light Curtain
Infrared safety protection device
1.Product Description
Safety light curtain is also known as photoelectric safety protection device (also known as safety protection device, punch protection device, infrared safety protection device, etc.). In modern factory, people and machines work together, it is easy to cause personal injury to operators. The safety light curtain application on some potentially dangerous mechanical equipment, such as stamping machinery, cutting equipment, metal cutting equipment, automatic assembly line, automatic welding line, mechanical transmission and handling equipment have reduced the occurrence of industrial accidents and protected the life safety of every employee in the production operation.
The safety light curtain series is a high-quality, high-performance safety protection product based on microcomputer control. Powerful function, perfect self-check, safe and reliable, and easy to use. It is suitable for use in various harsh environments to protect your employees and equipment.  The real-time A/D technology can greatly improve the stability of the light curtain, and the powerful digital display function makes the operation of the light curtain more humane.  Compared with traditional solutions, safety light curtains allows users to clearly understand the real-time working status of the light curtain, making installation easier, debugging faster, easier to use, and more worry-free.
2.Product Features
-Fast response
-Light the synchronous correlation technology.
-Anti glare resistant earthquake strong magnetic interference.
-Strong and durable long service life.
-Overload short circuit protection. 
-Dual output.
-Concentrated with outstanding professional optical lenses, to protect more accurate distance.
-Self-checking excellence (circular self-checking, CPU self-checking).
-Delicate appearance.
-To realize intelligent technology of A/D, more safe and reliable.
-Convenient installation.
-LED digital display system, intelligent judging fault condition.
-EDM source monitoring, control operation at any time.
-Waterproof and oil.

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